"It is my studio philosophy to teach the joy in playing this musical instrument to anyone. My dream to have a studio in the heart of Edmonds is here. This is a wonderful arts community."

                                                                         - Alison  

Meet Alison

Meet Alison

  • Performance and teaching spans 42 years.
  • American Harp Society
  • Curtis Graduate
  • Founder Austin Harp Arts


Owner and teacher

Alison has over 40 years experience of professional experience with the harp! 

As a teacher, Alison loves to share her passion and talent for the harp with students of all ages. Many of her students have won local and regional competitions and gone on to have successful harp careers. However, Alison doesn't limit sharing her passion for the harp with only those who want a professional harp career. She feels that everyone should be able to learn the harp. She teaches students who become lawyers, mothers, astrophysicists, graphic designers and so on.

As the owner of Austin Harp Arts, Alison has opened a store to allow everyone access to harp care, harp purchases, harp consignment and so on.

No matter what your reasons for visiting, Alison makes sure that every guest feels welcome and has what they need.