Dusty Strings, it's a wonderful travel harp! Great for adult beginners.


Lyon & Healy. This old world harp is simply charming. It would make a wonderful entry level harp.

Concertino, Chicago





Triplett, Spruce top, light walnut stain, square back.This is an little original gem. It has a warm and sweet sound. Perfect for any adult harper.



axline, 30 strings

Ogden, 32 strings


Dusty Strings, One of a kind. Built especially per the owner's request. Warm, honey sound. 

Prelude, 40 strings

Salvi. This brand new harp is a lovely little pedal harp with cherry mahogany finish. It is a convenient size for anyone who needs a smaller size instrument. It's much easier to move and compact for smaller living spaces.

Allegro, 26 strings

Dusty Strings, beautiful, rich sound. Two years old. Like Brand new.

Ravenna, 26 strings

NEW Lyon & Healy, lovely warm sound. Comes with brass crown and claw feet.

Maple FH34, 32 Stings




Lyon & Healy. This harp is perfect for the smaller size hand and the advantage of the full 47 strings. This harp is new to our collection and has only had one previous owner. 

Lyon and Healy. ​Beautiful old world harp sound. Excellent chamber harp.

NEW Lyon & Healy, mahogany finish. This harp has a responsive tone for nearly any venue, while being a light enough weight to make it easy to transport.



Concert Grand, Style 23

Bubinga FH36

Style 17, 46 strings

Lever Harps

Lyon & Healy. Built in the 1980s this harp has a warm, rich sound. Just right for Debussy. The lower price is due to the fact that the neck will need to be replaced in the not too distant future. Comes with bench and stand. Newly restrung and regulated by Karen Gottlieb in 2018. 

Pedal Harps


Style 15, 46 Strings 


NEW Dusty Strings, This harp is for Rental Only. This is a great little starter harp for anyone interested in trying the harp, sweet sound and portable too!